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The Best Infrared Heater Made!


To help you make the best decision about heating your home with
infrared heat, we encourage you to view the following informational videos:


Video #2 - Comparison with Infrared Heaters, Part One:
Video #3 - Comparison with Infrared Heaters, Part Two:


Video #4 - Cost Comparisons:


Video #5 - Comparison With Other Heat Sources:


Video #6 - Infrared Heating is Safe, Healthy, & Patriotic


Video #7 - The Evolution of Infrared Heating Elements


  • Comes with a 3 Year Warranty!
  • Safety Touch Grill Ensures Safety for Children and Pets
  • Built-in safety features such as overheat protection and safety switch that turns heater off if tipped over
  • Lightweight and easy to transport thanks to built in casters
  • Provides clean and green balanced heat while not reducing oxygen or humidity in the air or emitting any harmful fumes or carbon monoxide
  • New memory technology.  After a power outage, heater automatically comes back on when power is restored
  • Digital thermostat with temperature range of 40-80ºF
  • Lifetime filter that never needs replacing
  • Plugs into a standard 120V Outlet
  • Remote Control

Infrared Heat vs. Combustion Based Heat

Infrared heat means that the air in your home is being heated in a more natural way. This is not only healthier, it is also safer. Infrared heat is non-combustion based. The moisture molecules are left in the air creating a more even heat. The ceiling temperature will only be 2-3 degrees warmer than the floor. This means there is no wasted heat at the ceiling. This is especially helpful if you have vaulted or cathedral ceilings.

Combustion based heat burns the moisture molecules out of the air, causing the hot air to rise quickly. The average ceiling temperature is 6-17 degrees warmer than the floor. Most heat sources are combustion based (i.e. Oil, Kerosene, Natural Gas, Wood, Propane, Electric Baseboard and Most Space Heaters). Combustion based heaters are the #1 cause of house fires in America. Combustion based heat also burns the oxygen out of the air, making it more difficult to breathe.

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